How to Pack Like a Rock Star

Pack Like A Pro

Packing up to move is tough work, but knowing how to pack efficiently and safely can make the process a lot easier. Whether you’re using a moving van or piling everything into your car, get your belongings packed and ready to go on time with the following tips:

Get the Right Supplies
Before you start packing up to move, stock up on boxes, bubble wrap, packaging paper, markers for labeling, and packaging tape. This is especially important if your possessions have to travel a long distance, as you don’t want anything falling out of loosely packed spaces or becoming damaged.

Start Packing Early
Start packing up as early as possible. While certain items may have to wait to be packed the week before, you can start packing other things a month before the move date. Packing early will save you from unnecessary stress right before the move, and it will also allow you to get additional packing supplies or solve other problems if need be.

Pack Boxes Carefully
This should be common sense, but you should never just throw things in a box or force objects into already full spaces. Wrap up fragile objects in bubble wrap and/or packing paper, and place them neatly in boxes with similar items. Seal all boxes with tape and label with a marker. If loading boxes into your car, be sure to put the heavier ones on bottom (try to limit each box’s weight to about 50 pounds).

Be Cautious with Furniture
Obviously tables and other large furniture will not fit in boxes, but that doesn’t mean these shouldn’t also be carefully packed. Not doing so can cause severe damage to both them and items packed in boxes (a dining table can easily crush a box). If any tables have glass panels, for example, remove them and wrap the glass in towels. Empty all drawers to prevent things from falling out in transport (this will also make furniture easier to lift). For anything with electrical cords, wrap the cords neatly around to avoid potential hazards.

You may be tempted to hire someone to handle everything for you, but packing to move yourself (although the help of family and friends is recommended) and doing it right can actually save time as well as money. You’ll be able to unpack more quickly rather than waste time searching through box after box.

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