How to Pack a Moving Truck

What's the best way to pack a moving truck?

Many people struggle when it comes to packing a moving truck because they don’t know how to do it the right way. Wondering such things as “how do I pack a moving truck”, they either end up with too many items and not enough space, or their belongings move around too much when the truck is on the road. Worse yet, packing a truck the wrong way often results in damaged or ruined items. But knowing how to do it safely and properly can prevent all of these unwelcome situations.

Before you start packing, you should make sure you have the proper materials. Most people will find that they need the following:

-Boxes. Try to have as few loose items as possible in the truck. Most smaller items should be packed neatly in boxes.
-A dolly. Even if you have multiple people helping, heavier items will most easily be moved with a dolly.
-Furniture padding. This will help prevent furniture and large fragile items from becoming damaged as well as moving around too much.
- Rope or bungee cords. Use these to secure items fastly to the trucks walls.
-Packing tape. Use this to seal boxes as well as holding furniture padding together.
-A dark permanent marker. Use this to clearly label what is inside each box and/or what room they will go in. The marker should be permanent in case your boxes come into contact with moisture.
- A large tarp. Put this on the floor of your truck to prevent your belongings from getting dirty or scuffed up. You may want additional tarps to put over the top of your belongings, because the ceiling can be dirty as well.

Packing a moving truck is like putting a puzzle together—you just have to know where every piece fits in. For example, a mattress is going to fit best if it is stood up against a wall, and it makes a lot more sense to wedge a beanbag chair in on top of everything rather than weighing it down with heavier items. You may want to try drawing out a rough packing map before you pack the truck (if you have a good idea of how big everything is and the amount of space in the truck). It will also help to bring out all of your furniture the morning of moving day and setting them out near the back of the truck. This will you’ll be able to gauge exactly how much space you take up as you pack, as well as how much you have left to put in.

Overall, packing is going to be easiest if you put the largest, heaviest items in on the bottom (after putting a tarp down, of course) and along the sides where they’ll be most stable. You should also start by filling the deepest part of the truck first and moving slowly forward towards the open back.

Always remember that there should be very little room for your belongings to move around freely. Use furniture padding or bedding (leave this unpacked beforehand) to wrap around furniture and wedge it between things to fill space and provide cushion. If you do end up with a lot of empty space in the truck, In addition, use rope, cords and/or straps to tie things together securely. For example, it is easiest to pack up a bed if you dismantle the frame (if possible) and bind the components together. Do yourself a favor and take the time to dismantle bed frames the night before. You can sleep in a sleeping bag if you have to.

After your largest, heaviest items are in, begin stacking remaining boxes in the spaces around them. Again, the heaviest boxes should be on the bottom, and the lightest ones should be on the top. If you have a lot of space left in the back of the truck, don’t stack anything too high. Keep the height low and try to fill as much floor space as possible to prevent movement. You may also want to lay blankets or padding on top of boxes.

Try to not pack anything really valuable (like laptops and jewelry) in the truck, especially if you are going to need to park it somewhere overnight. If you can take it with you in a small suitcase or bag, do so.

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