What to do if your landlord won't let you paint.

Renter’s Guide to Coloring Your Walls Without Paint

If you’re like many renters, you may have a contract with your landlord that says you can’t touch the walls of your home. Well, you can touch them of course, but you can’t damage them or—wait for it—paint them! Uhg, bummer! The truth is that many landlords want the walls of the building they own to stay as they are (which, most of the tim… More »

Best Apartment Decorating Ideas

7 Decorating Tips for First Time Renters

When you’re renting for the first time, finances are often tight and can prevent you from going all out on home furnishings and decorations. This might leave you wondering, “so what should I do then, I want a place that feels like home!” Well we’ve put together a list of some great home decorating tips for new renters to help with that. 1. Go for c… More »

Ideas for a guest bedroom

Show Your Guests Love by Making Their Room Interesting

Just why is it that so many guest rooms tend to look not much different than the average hotel room? And no, we’re not talking 5 or 4 stars here. When someone is staying in your home, his or her stay is typically far more personal in nature than it would be at a hotel. So, there is no reason for a sterile, bland-looking guest room. Make it more friendly and interest… More »


The 10 Best Plants for Small Spaces

Plants are recommended for just about every home. They are visually appealing, go well with all kinds of decorating schemes, and best of all, they actually help purify the air by removing chemicals and giving off oxygen. But if you’re renting a small house or apartment, you may not have much space in your home, which means you may not be able to put a plant wher… More »

How to make a home office without much space

6 Tips to Create a Low Budget Home Office

As work hours grow longer and transportation costs get more expensive, to be able to work from home has become the new American dream for many. But while it may be possible for people to bring work home with them or get jobs where they never have to commute again, being fully productive at home is difficult—if not impossible—without a decent workspace. To create y… More »