10 Things To Do 60 Days Before Your Move

10 Things to Do 60 Days Before Your Move

So the date is set for your move—what to do now? Even though it may be a while before you head to your new home, there are plenty of ways to prepare ahead of time. By doing these 10 things at least 60 days before your move date, you’ll save yourself from a lot of unnecessary stress later on: 1. Find and Book Your Moving Company The first rule of booking a … More »

Preparing for Moving Day

You Move in 30 Days. Are You Ready?

This is it-only one month left until you move! Chances are you’ve already taken some steps to prepare for the big day, now that you have only 30 days left, it’s time to start taking care of anything you’ve been putting off. Let’s start with the basics. By this point in time, you should have already notified your family, friends and other contacts that … More »

Pack Like A Pro

How to Pack Like a Rock Star

Packing up to move is tough work, but knowing how to pack efficiently and safely can make the process a lot easier. Whether you’re using a moving van or piling everything into your car, get your belongings packed and ready to go on time with the following tips: Get the Right Supplies Before you start packing up to move, stock up on boxes, bubble wrap, packaging … More »