Avoid These 5 Bad Things Caused By Careless Moving

Crazy moving people use pulley outside of window

Moving is always an exciting event, no matter which time or how often you do it. It always is a significant change even when you are only moving a couple of blocks from your current residence. During this euphoria, people tend to forget that, along with being exciting, moving can be quite complicated. There are quite a few things involved and you will need to keep all of them in mind in order to avoid trouble.

We have made a small list of potential threats in order to help you get the whole process under control and avoid unnecessary trouble. Some of them are quite obvious but it is amazing what you tend to miss if you do not focus.

1. Damaged items
The most obvious downside of careless and unprofessional moving is the damage to the items being moved. Time and time again, people forget to mark fragile boxes in an optimally visual fashion so they will be handled with extra care. Furthermore, careless handling and negligence can destroy even the sturdiest and well packed items so this is why it is important to take precautionary steps. It is always a good idea to have someone more experienced at your side to help you navigate through difficult spaces. In cases of heavier items, extra care is very much advised since, along with item damage, physical injury may occur.

2. Damaged property
Big structural damage isn’t often an issue. The cartoonish situations where the grand concert piano, swinging from a rope, crashes into the apartment below are things reserved for children’s programs after all. Still, things like cracked hallway corners are quite common and happen easily. It only takes a moment of carelessness to lose your security deposit and there is nothing more annoying than this happening at your last day there. The stairwell is a zone full of traps for those inexperienced with this kind of action, and this is an area where you need to be extra careful.

3. Time schedule
Often, people underestimate the time needed to move out completely. There are professionals (either by profession or by chance) that can cover the entire thing in a couple of hours. This can create a lot of schedule problems, especially when people are moving to a different city, let alone another country. This can mean extra costs for transport, missed deadlines, workplace problems and so on. The importance of a timing your schedule is a big deal with residential moving but things can escalate even further when it comes to moving in the business environment. Each day you waste on moving, you lose money and get further behind on your to-do list.

4. Lost stuff
Of course, it is obvious that in all that hustle and bustle, you can easily misplace a couple of things and lose something. This is why you need a system when packing, so you can ensure that nothing important gets lost in the process. People have lost both emotionally valuable as well as financially costly items (in some cases they are both) in the chaos of dragging boxes around. In some cases, they can be recovered but this includes and additional effort and quite a bit of stress.

5. Wasting money
In the end, all of the aforementioned things cost you money, one way or another. Adapting to a new apartment or home almost always means more expenses and budget adjustments. This is not the time to lose money on repairs, new purchases and so on. You want all your things to be safe and accounted for once you arrive, so you can go through the adjustment period with more ease.

The best advice we can give you is remain attentive and focused. Don’t take the whole moving thing lightly because even the more experienced people have made the mistake of becoming thoughtless or negligent and causing unnecessary trouble for themselves. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, and don’t just call anyone to help you out. Good luck moving and enjoy your new residence!

Photo Credit: CJ Sorg

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