You Move in 30 Days. Are You Ready?

Preparing for Moving Day

This is it-only one month left until you move! Chances are you’ve already taken some steps to prepare for the big day, now that you have only 30 days left, it’s time to start taking care of anything you’ve been putting off.

Let’s start with the basics. By this point in time, you should have already notified your family, friends and other contacts that you are moving (if you are pressed for time, a mass email will suffice). You should have also taken other steps like changing over subscriptions, notifying banks and credit card companies of your new address and collecting medical records (if necessary. If you are only moving across town and are keep the same doctors, you don’t need to do this). You should also have booked a moving company or rental truck by now, assuming you will be taking your furniture with you.

Providing you have already taken these steps rather than leaving them until only one month before your move date (if not, get going already!), you now need to focus on packing. Yes, your first and foremost priority at this time should be to get all of your belongings packed up and ready to be transported to your new home.

The key to packing is organization. Pack the things you need the least and can live without for a month. Examples are seasonal clothes, DVDs, books and other entertainment items, extra toys, extra bedding, etc. Following this method, it often helps to pack everything by room, going in the order of least-used rooms. Pack similar items together, and label all boxes with permanent markers so you know where everything is. Writing everything down in a neat master list will help keep your organized. Keep this list in a place where you’ll always know where it is, such as next to the front door.

Now, aside from packing up and taking care of anything you should have done in the weeks leading up to this point, there are still a couple of other things you need to check off your list now rather than later.

If you are renting, for example, you will need to notify your landlord of your moving out if you have not done so already. Read your lease agreement to see when the deadline to do this is. Many landlords ask to be given notice of your departure no later than 30 days in advance (so they can start advertising the place and find a new tenant). If you wait any longer, you could cost them money by leaving them abruptly without a tenant, and you may end up having to pay a fee yourself for violating the lease agreement. Many landlords also want this notice in writing; so take the time now to type one up. An email will usually suffice.

If you have small children or pets, you may want to get someone to watch them on move day. This way, you can focus on clearing out your house and getting your car packed up safely, as well as directing any movers that may be coming. If you are unsure of whether or not you need a babysitter and/or pet sitter, keep in mind that on move day, the doors to your home are going to be open most of the time, and heavy furniture and boxes are going to be carried around. This type of situation can be extremely unsafe for small children and pets, so sometimes it is best to get someone to take them out of the way and watch them while you’re packing up. Scheduling someone now will help save you a lot of stress later on—just be sure to call and confirm the week before your move date.

Have you purchased packing supplies yet? You don’t want to be making late night trips to the store all helter skelter-like, you may forget things and end up making multiple trips which can add to stress levels. Take time out now to create a list of everything you need for packing supplies based upon the amount of stuff you’re moving. Consider things like:

  • boxes
  • tape
    • packing tape
    • masking tape strengthen mirrors
    • multi-colored duct tape if you’re organizing by tape color
  • heavy duty plastic wrap
  • mattress bags
  • supplies for fragile items
  • specialty wardrobe boxes
  • sharpies for marking contents of a box
  • additional trash bags
  • renting a dolly

You’ve probably already taken many of the above steps to prepare, but if you haven’t, get going now! It will save you a lot of headache and stress during what for many can already be a stressful event.

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