9 Ways to Hide Clutter You Can Use Right Now

Home Organization Tips

If you’re reading this, you may just be one the many people out there who is prone to clutter. Every time you get things cleaned up, it seems like only a matter of time until you suddenly wake up and realized the clutter situation has gone back to being just as bad before, if not worse. Oftentimes it isn’t so much the fact that you’re messy, but that you just don’t know where to put everything. As they say, “fake it ’til you make it”, and so in the meantime, fake it you shall. Here are 9 of the best ways to hide clutter and make your home presentable and comfortable.

1. Get storage baskets.
These are going to come in handy more than you think. Storage baskets come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and as such they can fit with all kinds of furniture and decorating schemes. Are there a lot of toys on your living room floor? Throw them in a basket (or even a toy bin). Have multiple remotes? Keep them together in a basket. Miscellaneous personal affects cluttering up kitchen counter space? A decorative basket will neaten the area in no time.

2. Stack publications and paper.
Having a few papers, magazines and/or books lying around can actually make a space looking warm and friendly, but having more than a few out in the open can quickly make you look like a pack rat. Throw out all old magazines and papers (it’s not that hard. If you’ve read them, they go), and stack the remaining materials into small piles, preferably staggered on shelves or above and beneath a coffee table. The key is to create space between them so it doesn’t look like you have as many. Getting a magazine rack or newspaper bin helps a lot too.

3. Make space in your bookcase.
Speaking of creating space, take a look at any bookcases or groups of shelves you may have. Are they a mess? To “make space”, you don’t even need to take everything out. Simply rearrange the contents of your shelves by stacking books in new patterns (like laying some horizontally instead of vertically) and lightly accessorizing them with objects you may have sitting around your home.

4. Invest in a shoe rack
Okay, so shoe racks won’t actually require that much investment financially, but if you have a lot of shoes, this is what you want to buy. You don’t even have to concentrate on placing shoes neatly—just tossing them on the shoe rack quickly clears up floor space and neatens up the whole area.

5. Toss out old stuff
These aren’t instructions to do a full cleaning job, but while you’re at it, you should definitely take a few minutes and go around with a garbage bag. Throw out any trash you find lying around, including any expired food, beauty and hygiene products. If you happen to have any broken items or things you no longer use, there’s no sense in keeping those either.

6. Keep some cleaning products around
While we’re on the subject of cleaning, you should have at least a few cleaning products in easy-to-access places, like under your bathroom sink. Just running a cleaning wipe over surfaces every now and then can make a room instantly look fresher and more hospitable. Placing air fresheners around your home can also work wonders.

7. Focus on the floor
Clutter is much more noticeable when it’s taking up space people could otherwise be walking in. Even if you have to start stacking things up more than you’d like to, it’s better than having it all out on the floor.

8. Make the bed and fluff the couch cushions
One of the fastest ways you can get your bedroom looking neater and less cluttered is to clear the bed and make it. The focus of a bedroom is almost always the bed, so when it’s neat, it gives off the illusion that the rest of the room is tidier than it actually is. The same rule goes for couches. Clear away clutter, then straighten and fluff up the pillows and cushions for a similar effect.

9. Spend energy where it’s worth the most
If you’re having guests over, you may not have time to tidy up every room. So when it comes to clutter, focus on where they’ll be spending the most time, like the living room and possibly the kitchen and/or dining area. You can even help yourself out by taking clutter out of those rooms and storing it temporarily in areas where people are unlikely to spend a lot of time in. If you throw a bunch of stuff in the bedroom, for example, simply shut the door to keep it out of sight.

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