10 Things to Do 60 Days Before Your Move

10 Things To Do 60 Days Before Your Move

So the date is set for your move—what to do now? Even though it may be a while before you head to your new home, there are plenty of ways to prepare ahead of time. By doing these 10 things at least 60 days before your move date, you’ll save yourself from a lot of unnecessary stress later on:

1. Find and Book Your Moving Company
The first rule of booking a moving company is the never go with the first one you find—at least, not without comparing it to other movers. Call or email movers to make sure they are available on your move date, and ask them for details like what size trucks they offer, who will be handling your items, their insurance policies, etc. Get their rates, and compare them all side-by-side on a spreadsheet. Once you find companies you are interested in, check their standing with the Better Business Bureau and check out their customer reviews on websites like Yelp (free) or Angie’s List (paid in some locations). Only go with a mover that you are comfortable with.

2. Get Rid of Old/Unused Belongings
If you’re like most people, chances are you have tons of clothing and other items in your home that you haven’t used in a really long time. Now that you’re moving, you have the opportunity to rid yourself of clutter and start out fresh. Go through your stuff and pull out anything you haven’t used in a year or more, and throw out anything that is broken. If you want to make some extra cash, hold a yard sale to sell what is left (be sure to advertise it at least a week in advance). Of course, you can also drop off old items at local thrift stores and clothing donation bins.

3. Collect Boxes
Depending on how much stuff you have, you’re going to need more boxes than you think. You can often find boxes at local supermarkets, warehouse clubs (wholesale stores like BJ’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.) in special bins, or even a liquor store. Your friends may also have boxes they can give to you, especially if they have moved recently themselves. Don’t forget to leverage your social media network. A simple request often results in getting what you need and many people are happy to help given the opportunity.

4. Start Packing
Yes, it’s early, but the earlier you start packing, the better. Within the next few weeks, you’ll also want to start packing nonessential and seasonal items to help save time later on. Trust us! The stress of last minute packing is not fun!

5. Make Travel Arrangements
A lot of people find themselves so concerned with getting their belongings transported to their new homes that they overlook how they or their family members are going to reach their destination. This step is especially important if you happen to have small children, care for an elderly family member, or have a pet moving with you. First, determine if you will be driving, flying, using public transportation, etc. If you need to book tickets, do so now. If you are driving and need to rent an extra car, start looking into rental companies and comparing rates.

If you will be using your own vehicle, have it checked out by a garage to make sure it can withstand the trip if it is more than 100 miles. Keep in mind that, if you are moving far away, in the coming weeks you will also need to determine cost of gas and food and set aside the necessary funds. You may also need to find and book a hotel, should your journey take more than one day.

6. Notify Family, Friends and Acquaintances of Your Move
If you have not done so already, tell people that you are moving and when you are leaving. Even if you don’t talk with them regularly, it is still polite to let them know what your new address will be, and this goes for business contacts as well. Even if you are changing jobs, you may still want to keep in touch with them for references and future opportunities.

7. Plan to Use Up Food
Even though you won’t be moving for a while, you shouldn’t continue stocking up your kitchen with new food (you can still buy food obviously, but cut down on the amount). Take and inventory of what you have and plan out a food menu to use it up by the time you leave. If you’ve had nonperishable items stocked in your pantry for months or even years, now is a great time to finally use them.

8. Fix House/Apartment Damage
This is especially important if you are currently renting. If there are any holes, cracks, chipped paint, etc. in your place, now is the time to fix them. Ensuring these cosmetics are taken care of can prevent you from losing all or a portion of your initial damage deposit.

9. Research Your New Area
You’re probably going to be really busy around your move date, so you won’t have a lot of time to research your new town. For example, you may want to order a pizza as you’re moving in, but your Internet may not be set up yet. You may even need to use public transportation right after you get there. What if someone gets hurt while lifting furniture and needs medical attention? You’ll need to know how to get to the hospital. Using the next few weeks to research your area will make you a lot more comfortable once you’re there.

10. If You’re Renting, Notify Your Landlord
Renters should never wait until the last minute to tell their landlord that they’re leaving, and depending on their contract, they may be required to submit a notice no later than one to two months before their move date. If you are on good terms with your landlord, the earlier you tell him or her, the better. If you are not, you may want to wait longer so they don’t try to kick you out right away (whether or not they are actually able to, it could be an unpleasant situation for all). Even so, read your rental agreement and make sure you adhere to the deadline, if any.

Even though there is a lot of stuff to do, remember not to panic. Take everything one day at a time, and try to plan everything out in the order of importance. Writing it all down on a calendar or planner will definitely help.

In the meantime, if you’re still looking for a place to move to, check out RentFinder’s search tool to find it today.

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